VCTV is designed to give you an introduction to the variety of intricate basic and advanced techniques that form part of the video tutorial program developed by ‘The Voice Coach’ for singers who aim to have a career in the music industry.


The Tutorial Videos are all based around ADÉ's innovative 'Enhanced Vowel Passage Development Method'. The worlds' great vocal tutors over the past few decades have all identified that the secret to developing a singing voice of high caliber dictates that the control and modification of vowels must be a central principle. ADÉ has crafted a unique approach that embraces this theory and innovates it through a unique mix of logical practical exercises and laymen level simplified theory.


His 'Enhanced Vowel Passage Development Method' uses specially designed warm-up exercises, carefully identified song studies, timeless classics from music's 'Past Masters' (as benchmarks), and intricate (but logical) technical theory. "This is my Michelin Star recipe to develop voices that have high quality tone, distinctive vocal identity and unique personal traits, designed to groom definitive singers and recording artists."


The core techniques introduced include Breating Techniques, Resonance, Forward & Back Vocals, Basic Tone Changes, Bright Tone, Mid Tone, Bass Tone, Advanced Tone Development, Square & Round Vocals, Syncopated Execution, Song Analysis and Warm-up Techniques.



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