The Soul Singers’ courses come in Intermediate & Artist Development stages.



Intermediate classes are recommended for clients who have had some level of experience which has seen them use their voice for singing for (on average) 18 months. Whether that be singing in a school or church choir, through previous singing lessons or as lead or backing vocalist in a band etc.


Intermediate classes are designed to introduce the client to the many different techniques used in the development of a singers voice. The focus being on clients aiming to gain full control, an understanding of the voice and a higher level of discipline.


Technique Headings

Techniques that are the basis of these classes are based on around the following:   (Breathing Technique; (Voice Relaxation; (Resonance; (Forward & Back Vocals; (Basic Tone Changes; (Tone Changes; (Vowel Pronunciation & Manipulation; (Pitching;  (Note Placement;  (Timing & Phrasing;  (Backing Vocals & Harmonisation;  (Warm up Techniques;  (Range Assessment; (Vocal assessment; (Voice Care & Preservation;  (Add-libbing;  (Mic Technique;  (Stage Performance;· Song Performance & Interpretation;  · Studio Recording.


Artist Development Artist development comes at the stage where an artist has, ideally already undergone voice training, and concentrates on equipping a client with the ‘knowledge’, ‘experience’ & ‘direction’ needed when focusing on career advancement, including ‘Live & Studio performance’.


The main focus points at this stage in a clients preparation include: · Song writing & arrangement; · Studio recording & preparation; Demo recording, packaging and presentation; ·Personal image, styling & presentation; · Interview Technique; ·M.U. & P.R.S. etc. membership information; ·Contractual issues; ·Targeting & approaching Record & Management Co’s; · Showcase planning & promotion; · Live band rehearsal preparation; · Stage presence & performance including; · Stage entrance; ·Song introduction; ·Stage routine; ·Audience communication; · Band communication;  ·On stage problem solving.