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Thank you for visiting the Voice Coach website. I feel sure that we have a program that will suit your personal needs and will be of benefit to you on your chosen path. It is my belief that every singer hoping to have a career in the entertainment’s industry should strive to know and learn as much about their instrument as possible, and it is my ambition to pass on all of my vocal knowledge and experience to as many people as are willing to learn. Hopefully including your-self.


And now thanks to technological advances I can offer you 1 to 1 vocal coaching just about anywhere in the world as long as you have high speed connection, web cam, a mac/pc with microphone and of course Skype.


There are some very useful and interesting features on this site designed to inform, assist, inspire, motivate and promote you so there are plenty of reasons for you to be a regular visitor.


Be sure to check out the vocal technique demonstration videos, the video tutorial training programs and our warm-up exercise video.  There are also a number of features that could well be to your personal advantage. We have the regular video feature titled ‘Voices That Touch Souls’,  and our ‘Open Mic’ feature where we want to showcase ‘You’ performing to one of the songs from our ‘Classics Jukebox’.


We will also keep you up to date with our news section related to recording artist, concerts, albums, singles, videos etc so that you wont have to ever be the last to know.


And for the price of a tweet you could get a little ‘Free’ advice in our vocal surgery ‘Sound Advice’. Follow us on twitter to receive notifications on our bi-monthly live 1 to 1 Q&A sessions. But be warned they are on a 1st come 1st served basis!


If after looking through our site you do not see what you personally feel you require, don’t worry, just send us an email and let us know what you are looking for.  If we can help you, or can recommend somebody who can, we will.

If you do decide to chose us to help develop your voice I am sure you will be satisfied with the services we provide.


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The Voice Coach is a great admirer of the stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow who have one thing in common ‘A Voice That Touches Souls’.


Look out for some of our favourite, vocal performances, songs and singers from a whole array of different scenarios.